Monday, September 18, 2006

Gandhi 'giri'

Got a chance to watch Munnabhai 2, good movie. Sanjay Dutt and Boman Irani were not as good as they were in the previous version. The guy who portrayed Gandhi was not up to the mark(thats what i think). But the reason you should watch the movie is for the one-liners by Cirkeshwar ( circuit for the uninformed); man, they were awesome!!

Are Gandhian values back into the mainstream. If we were able to get freedom this way, why not use it solve national problems and not-so-national problems ?
The only problem now would be that people just understand what the values actually means(not saying that I undersatnd it!). Recently, I saw a post in a forum where a fellow country man suggested everbody to send flowers to "bastard" Arjun Singh along with Get Well Soon cards.
Now, is he trying to do this to ' irritate ' the HRD Minister? Is this what Gandhi preached; to irritate-the-enemy-till-the-end; Or to make the opponent realize that what he is doing is wrong.

Now what i was thinking is .....What if Mr. Singh also sends flowers and cards to the 'he' ?, will that solve the problem?....Googly isnt it??

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vib said...

Sexy post man!!!
Well im too a big fan of Mr Gandhi:)
But i like voilence too(or being precise "vengence")!!!
I truly respect Mr Ghandhi frm my heart & try to put few of his things in my life...

But thn again frm the place i came(& tht basterd Arjun Singh or my be all the fucking politicians) & the kind of ppl i hv faced in my life....